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This song "Wake Up Everybody" performed by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes was our class song when I graduated from Wynne High School in 1976.  Wynne is a small town in northeastern Arkansas about an hours drive west of Memphis, Tennessee. We grew up during some difficult times in this country. We grew up with the Vietnam Conflict , which sure had all the symptoms of a war. We grew up with Jim Crow laws. We saw a sitting U. S. President assassinated. We saw his brother, a U. S. Senator assassinated. We also saw the quintessential civil rights leader assassinated. All this to say we grew up during violent times. It seemed as though every time I saw a news report as a child it was filled with hatred and violent. Going into my 7th grade year was when they totally desegregated schools in Wynne.  I remember being concerned about what may happen when school started. I have to state  my next statement is only my view of my hometown Wynne, Arkansas!  When school started that fall, all the kids for the most part black, white and as the demographics state it "others" got along very well. And almost 40 years after graduation we still do. We thought we had gone through the worst of it. Which is why this song meant so much to us . We really believed ,not just this country, but this world was heading with our help toward becoming a better place. I believe somehow somewhere we dropped the ball. My God ! The kids today have to process the same types of sewage we did ,but to the third power! They are coming up in very turbulent times. We need to go back , listen to the words of this song , open up some honest, compassionate dialog  and see what we can do about this. Today we are not only fearful of terrorist and conventional criminals , we are afraid of our own kids and grandkids! Let's not just stand idly by. WAKE UP EVERYBODY!!!


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