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Your Assessment of Personal Safety

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How safe you feel and how safe you actually  are can sometimes be miles apart. As we go through our daily lives we all make assessments based partially on several factors ; education , facts and emotions. An assessment is defined as the act of making a judgment about something, or an idea or opinion about something

. I've worked in and around the security field for almost 30 years. Working a variety of clubs, bars ,  special  events , private security and working for a company that was an independent dealer for ADT home security systems. For years my job has been to monitor , protect  from and defend  against our society's villains. So going into selling personal security devices is a natural transition for me. I have a different perspective on personal security than most. I've had to witness it from a different vantage point. Most people by my assessment are good, honest, hard working, family oriented people.  When they get time to enjoy leisure they just want to have fun and a good time. They don't  give much thought to the possibility of encountering any bad persons. I am not the advocate for paranoia by any means. I believe we should all enjoy this gift of  life we are blessed with, BUT, there always a but, every day we all hear,  whether on the news or in conversation with friends ,family and coworkers, about people becoming  victims.  

A person has either had something stolen from them or  been attacked, injured, robbed, or killed by someone else.  Sometimes the biggest obstacle  to getting someone to take some sort of action to protect themselves is that they feel safe. Sometimes it could be as basic as getting them to lock a door or not leave a window open.                     While working for a security alarm company in Missouri I was giving my sales spill to a gentleman. I was giving him all the crime  statistics in his area. Making him aware of all the features  included in the alarm system. All the while he had a grin on his face and was slightly laughing. He interrupted me and stated very assertively," Boy,  I don't ever lock my doors! If one of my friends call me while I'm at work, wanting to borrow something , I just tell to go to the house and get it, the door's open!" He went on to inform me that in 66 years of living he has never had anything stolen nor been a victim of any kind of crime . He felt safe and secure and never experience anything in his life to feel any different. God has truly blessed him. However I don't think his level of assuredness when it comes to personal security is wise. You don't become the victim of criminal acts everyday. Criminals tend to target who they perceive to be weak and/ or unsuspecting. Depending on the criminal act it only takes one time to turn your life to shambles.  May job doesn't always entail  getting a particular security device in some ones hand. Sometimes it merely getting some one to believe that there is a possibility that some shady individual may have noticed how nonchalantly he  approaches  his personal security. If through conversing with him I get him to be more aware of his surrounding and perhaps lock his door at night, I've made progress. I employ you to give serious thought to what it will take to make you safe and if  we can be of assistance, we are here for you!  STAY AWARE,BE PREPARED AND PRAY FOR WISDOM AND GOOD JUDGMENT!


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